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Yoga for all

Feeling overwhelmed and out of control? Discover the power of your breath to transform your stress and reclaim your power.


Yoga is a wonderful way to find balance in your life. 

Whether you need time to relax, seek a deeper understanding of yourself, or want personalised guidance to address specific challenges, you can find tailored solutions here at Youreka.


1:1 Breathing Session (online or in-person)

Reclaim your Power

​This 8-week program is designed to help female leaders overcome stress, overwhelm, and burnout, and reclaim their power and create a life they love.​

Through the practise of breathwork, and personalised habit coaching, women will improve sleep quality, increase energy levels and gain back control in life.

Participants will receive personalised support throughout the programme.


Schedule a free consultation to learn how it can help you achieve your goals.

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Weekly Group Yoga Session (in-person)

Calming Yoga

"Yoga is the sacred pause in our hectic lives, offering a sanctuary where we can unwind, recharge, and reconnect with our essence."

Through gentle stretches, mindful breathing, and peaceful meditation, we focus on soothing your senses and nurturing your mind. Let go of tension and

worries as we create a harmonious space for peace and rejuvenation. Come, join me on this beautiful path towards relaxation and self-care.

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Corporate Session (online or in-person)

Combat stress & reduce costs.

Empower your workforce with breathwork and reap the rewards. Contact Steff today to explore customised programmes for your business.

Stress plagues UK businesses, costing them dearly. In 2022 alone, 54% of UK employees felt stressed or anxious, leading to 15.4 million workdays lost due to absence.

Breathwork can be your solution. This simple, yet powerful technique helps employees manage stress, anxiety and improve their overall well-being. Through reduced absenteeism and staff turnover, businesses can unlock significant cost savings.

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Martina, Product Deisgner

I finally can shut out the world to solely concentrate on the lesson has taken time. It feels amazing to be fully present.

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